Industrial Lighting

Lighting for Industrial Sector

Industrial lighting serves various applications within manufacturing and industrial settings, and the choice of luminaires (lighting fixtures) depends on the specific requirements of each application. Here are some common applications and the corresponding types of luminaires used in industrial lighting:

Warehouse Lighting

Application: General illumination in large storage facilities.

Luminaires: High bay LED fixtures,

Manufacturing Floor Lighting:

Application: Illumination for assembly lines and production areas.

Luminaires: High bay or low bay LED fixtures, Task lighting, and overhead DampProof Lighting.

Outdoor Area Lighting

Application: Lighting for exterior spaces, such as loading docks and parking lots.

Luminaires: LED floodlights, wall-mounted fixtures, and area lighting.


Task Lighting for Workstations

Application: Focused illumination for specific workstations or detailed tasks.

Luminaires: Adjustable task lights, under-cabinet lighting, or LED workbench lights.

Emergency Lighting

Application: Ensuring visibility during power outages or emergencies.

Luminaires: Emergency exit signs, battery-backed LED fixtures, and pathway lighting.

Clean Room Lighting

Application: Illumination for environments with strict cleanliness requirements, such as in pharmaceutical or semiconductor manufacturing.

Luminaires: Sealed LED fixtures with cleanable surfaces and a design to prevent unrestricted flow of air to prevent contamination on the fixture.

Hazardous Location Lighting

Application: Lighting for areas where explosive gases or dust may be present.

Luminaires: Explosion-proof LED fixtures, sealed enclosures, and fixtures designed to prevent sparking.

Cold Storage Lighting

Application: Lighting for refrigerated or freezer storage facilities.

Luminaires: LED fixtures with low-temperature ratings, designed to operate in cold environments.

Smart Industrial Lighting Systems

Application: Incorporating intelligent controls for energy management and customization.

Luminaires: LED fixtures with built-in sensors, programmable controls, and networked lighting systems.

Understanding the specific needs of each industrial application helps in selecting the most suitable luminaires, taking into account factors such as brightness requirements, energy efficiency, safety standards, and environmental conditions. Advances in LED technology and smart lighting systems have significantly enhanced the flexibility and efficiency of industrial lighting solutions.


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