Infrastructure & Urban

Infrastructure & Urban Lighting

Lighting for Public and for Cityscape

Street Lighting

Applications: Street lighting is essential for providing visibility and safety on roadways, sidewalks, and public spaces during the night. Properly illuminated streets contribute to reduced crime rates and increased pedestrian safety.

Luminaires: LED streetlights are widely used for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and directional lighting capabilities. Smart street lighting systems, incorporating sensors and adaptive controls, are becoming more prevalent for increased efficiency.

Architectural Lighting

Applications: Architectural lighting is focused on highlighting and enhancing the visual appeal of buildings, monuments, and public spaces. It contributes to the overall aesthetics of urban areas.

Luminaires: Floodlights, spotlights, and wall-mounted fixtures are commonly used for architectural lighting. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED lights offer the flexibility to create dynamic and colourful lighting effects.

Park and Plaza Lighting

Applications: Illuminating parks, plazas, and recreational areas creates a welcoming and safe environment for residents and visitors. It encourages outdoor activities and social interactions.

Luminaires: Bollard lights, pathway lights, and decorative fixtures are often used for park and plaza lighting. Warm white LED lights are preferred for a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

Transportation Hubs

Applications: Airports, bus stations, and train stations require effective lighting for navigation, safety, and efficient transportation operations.

Luminaires: High-bay lights, canopy lights, and linear fixtures are often used in transportation hubs. LED technology is preferred for its high brightness and energy efficiency.

Smart Lighting

Applications: Smart lighting systems integrate sensors, controls, and connectivity to optimize energy usage, adapt to environmental conditions, and enhance overall efficiency.

Luminaires: Smart luminaires include those with built-in sensors for motion detection, daylight harvesting, and adaptive controls. These systems can be remotely monitored and managed.


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