Retail Lighting

Lighting for Retail & Shopping Sector

Retail lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers and influencing their perception of products and spaces. Different applications of retail lighting involve creating an inviting atmosphere, highlighting merchandise, and optimizing energy efficiency. Here are some key aspects of retail lighting, along with various luminaires used in different applications:

Ambient Lighting

Applications: Creates a general, overall illumination in the retail space.

Luminaires: Recessed ceiling lights, track lighting, and pendant fixtures.

Accent Lighting

Applications: Highlights specific areas or products to draw attention.

Luminaires: Adjustable spotlights, track lighting with spot heads, and wall-mounted fixtures.

Task Lighting

Applications: Provides focused illumination for specific tasks like reading labels or trying on clothes.

Luminaires: Under-cabinet lights, table lamps, and adjustable floor lamps.

Display Lighting

Applications: Emphasizes and enhances the presentation of merchandise.

Luminaires: Display case lights, track lighting, and adjustable spotlights.

Architectural Lighting

Applications: Highlights architectural features or design elements within the retail space.

Luminaires: Wall-mounted fixtures, cove lighting, and linear LED strips.

Color Rendering

Applications: Ensures that products appear true to their colours.

Luminaires: High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) LED lights for accurate colour representation.

Dynamic Lighting

Applications: Creates a dynamic and changing atmosphere to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Luminaires: Programmable LED lights, colour-changing fixtures, and smart lighting systems.

Exterior Lighting

Applications: Enhances the visibility and attractiveness of the retail storefront.

Luminaires: Wall-mounted sconces, pathway lights, and façade lighting.

Effective retail lighting involves a thoughtful combination of ambient, accent, task, and display lighting to create an appealing and functional shopping environment. The choice of luminaires depends on the specific application and the desired atmosphere, taking into consideration factors such as energy efficiency and colour rendering.


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